About the New Mexico Kids Early Childhood Education and Services Web Portal


The NewMexicoKids.org Early Childhood Education and Care Family Services Portal is an online tool for parents and families to find child care services, childhood development programs, early childhood education, and developmental delay intervention services. This tool, along with all services provided by the New Mexico Early Childhood Services Center, is free to use for all New Mexico families.

This portal is brought to you by the New Mexico Early Childhood Services Center Resource and Referral team at the University of New Mexico.

Filtering Results

There are two options to filter your search results. You can select a category of service from the "Quick Filter" option, or you can view additional filters by clicking "+ Advanced Filters" just below the dropdown. Refer to the image below for details.

Filter Buttons

Advanced filters work off of an "or" logic system. That is, if you use an advanced filter for ages "Infant to 1 year" and "1 to 2 years", the filter will exclude anything that is not one or the other.

Saving Results

There are two convenient ways to save your search results:

  • Save a provider to my list
  • Export a single provider to PDF

When you save a provider to your list, you can export your entire list to a PDF for printing or emailing. These PDFs can be quite large, so keep that in mind when selecting which providers to save.