NewMexicoKids.org Portal

What is this web portal?

The NewMexicoKids.org Early Childhood Education and Care Family Services Portal is an online tool for parents and families to find child care services, childhood development programs, early childhood education, and developmental delay intervention services. This tool, along with all services provided by the New Mexico Early Childhood Services Center, is free to use for all New Mexico families.

I keep getting an error when I try to search?

We require a valid address and a selected radius (from the "miles" dropdown on the homepage) in order to retreive search results. If you see an error that says all fields are required, be sure you are selecting a valid address from the search bar and that you have a radius selected. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact our support by sending us an email at support@newmexicokids.org

Provider and Service Types

What service is right for me?

The goal of New Mexico Kids Child Care Resource and Referral and the New Mexico Kids Early Childhood Education and Family Services Portal is to assist families in finding the widest range of available early childhood services and to encourage parents and guardians to act on their own knowledge and feelings as they select services from among these possibilities. If you have questions about early childhood services, please call our Resource and Referral line to connect with a Family Services Specialist for a consultation and free custom referral at 1 (800) 691 - 9067 or 1 (505) 277 - 7900 (for the Albuquerque and surrounding Metro areas).

Families should contact the early childhood options they are considering and ask questions pertaining to issues that are important to them. Visit the program as many times as you need to feel comfortable making a final decision. Review inspection reports on licensed child care programs to help you make the best decision for your family. Please utilize this checklist Selecting Child Care to help with decisions or use the Parent Guide for more guidance.

What is the difference between Child Care, Home Visiting, and PreK programs?

To learn more about the different types of Early Childhood Services, please visit the web portal homepage. To learn more about a specific type of Early Childhood Service, visit one of the links below: