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The State of New Mexico wants to ensure that families have all of the relevant information they need to make an informed decision when choosing care for their children, including access to criminal background information. Any in-home child care provider licensed or registered by the state has at minimum undergone a Child Care Health and Safety Orientation, CPR/First Aid training, a background check for every adult living in the home, and an inspection. Please use the following look-up tool to make sure that the in-home care provider you are considering is licensed or registered with the New Mexico Early Childhood Education and Care Department. You can also use the state and national databases at the bottom of the page to check the criminal background of any provider you are considering. To learn about the Mandatory COVID Response Training, visit the NMELS.

Mario Archuleta was barely three years old when, on October 11, 2002, his child care provider purposely scalded his hands with hot water after a toileting accident. Mario spent two weeks at the UNMH burn trauma unit. Doctors removed skin from his thighs to graft to his hands during a five-hour operation. He spent a year in rehabilitation. His child care provider pled guilty to second degree child abuse and neglect and was sentenced to nine years in the penitentiary.

To help other families avoid the pain and trauma that their family experienced, Mario’s parents asked that the State of New Mexico establish a database of registered child care home providers who have obtained background check eligibility, under the relevant background check regulations. They also asked that parents have access to other state and national databases to check on their provider’s background. You can access these databases below.

For more information on selecting child care providers, read the Parent’s Guide to Selecting Quality Child Care.

To search for child care for your child, please click on the Early Childhood Services tab on this page.

To apply for Child Care Assistance to help pay for child care, please visit Am I Eligible.

Note to Families: If the in-home care provider who you are considering for your family does NOT appear in this database, please call 1-800-691-9067 for more information about child care in your area or use the Early Childhood Services Search tab on this page.

Note to Providers: If you are licensed or registered with ECECD and your name is not listed in the database, please call 1-800-691-9067 so we can make an update. If you would like to become a licensed or registered in-home provider, please click here.


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About New Mexico's Early Childhood Education And Family Services

Child Care and Early Education

Child Care in New Mexico is a broad category of care for children ages 0 up to 13, depending on the individual program. Child Care includes services like child care centers, in home child care, Head Start, and PreK programs. Child Care in New Mexico is monitored by the Early Childhood Education and Care Department, which is in charge of licensing and registration of child care providers.

Home Visiting

New Mexico provides a coordinated continuum of high-quality, community-driven, culturally and linguistically appropriate home visiting services that promote maternal, infant, and early childhood health, safety, development, and strong parent-child relationships. Home Visiting helps families to: gain knowledge regarding child development, connect with community support services, discover ways to support learning through play and interactions, receive emotional support through challenges associated with raising a child, and access support to get out of dangerous or unhealthy situations.

Developmental Programs

IDEA / Developmental Programs are used to help families who are concerned about their child's development or for families who have identified developmental delays in their children.

1 NewMexicoKids.org and the University of New Mexico Early Childhood Services Center does not store private information you enter into our site. We do not store complete address information when you search. We do store city, county, and zip code information to better improve our services. We do track how many searches our system receives in a given time period and we may store device information like IP address for spam protection, analytics, and verification.
2 A Background Check for a direct provider of care in a Registered (Non-Licensed) Home consists of a review of available state criminal histories. Beginning in 2001, the background check also includes a screen of ECECD’s child/adult abuse/neglect database; these are reviewed to determine whether disqualifying information exists. Background check eligibility is determined by and in accordance with criteria set forth and promulgated at Title 8, Chapter 8, Part 3 of the New Mexico Administrative Code, Governing Background Checks and Employment History Verification.
3 The databases listed here do not guarantee that a provider who has obtained a background check will not commit an abusive act in the future. Parents should always observe prior to enrolling their child and should occasionally drop in unannounced to monitor the daily operations of the program.